Behind the Frame: The Queen of The Wild

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On the 19 February to the 22 February, Gerry, Andrew, Jono and I went to the Sabi Sands for a site visit.

On one of the game drives, we found this female leopard sitting in the tree. This was a perfect opportunity to get a silhouetted image of her as the sun was starting to set, casting beautiful light blues and pinks in the sky.

In order to keep the sky saturated in this colour and the leopard become just a silhouette, I kept underexposing the image by a stop from the correct exposure until i got the image that i wanted to create: a black outline of the leopard and the tree, and the saturated colours of the sky.

By conceptualising what kind of image you want to create when you see your subject, you can create it in camera and then do any tweaking needed afterwards in post-processing.

Penny Roberts

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