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Behind the Frame: Tsavo Giraffe, The moon and Anti-crepuscular rays

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Have you ever had one of those moments where you are out in the field and you find yourself in awe of the scene before you?

This was how I felt when we were making our way back to the lodge during an afternoon game drive during the Essential Amboseli & Tsavo Photo Safari earlier this year. The sun had set, the moon was rising and the anti-crepuscular rays were seemingly converging above two giraffe in the foreground.

The scene was absolutely beautiful, but difficult to photograph!

Tsavo West Andrew Beck

Canon EOS 5 D MK III, 16-35mm @19mm and F4.0 , ISO 500, 1/100 +1/3 V

Ideally I would have loved to have been able to get closer to the giraffe but that wasn’t possible. I still love the sense of scale that this image provides though and although nothing I could have done could have done justice to the scene that lay before us that evening, it does a pretty good job of giving one an idea of how special this moment was.

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