#beinspiredby: Animals in Space | Top 5

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This week saw a huge amount of submission to the #beinspiredby theme!!  Thanks guys, awesome to see so many great images from across the world.

Choosing only 5 was a seriously difficult task and cliched as it might sound I could very easily have done a top ten.

That being said, I choose each of the following five images for a specific reason and they all are great examples of the week’s theme.

Check out my thoughts on the images in this short video and then scroll down from there to check ’em out.

#beinspired:  Animals in Space  |  Top 5

Steve Berkowitz - Wild Eye #beinspiredby

Steven Berkowitz     |     Facebook

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Ed Hetherington - Wild Eye #beinspiredby

Ed Hetherington     |     Facebook

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Nik Rabjohn - Wild Eye #beinspiredby

Nick Rabjohn     |     Facebook

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Kevin Brennan - Wild Eye #beinspiredby

Kevin Brennan     |     Facebook

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Johanthan Bryant - Wild Eye #beinspiredby

Jonathan Bryant     |     Facebook

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There are few things as special as being out in the wild, the skies larger than you can image and photographing wildlife subjects in their natural environment.

Thanks again for all the amazing submissions this week and make sure to stay tuned to the Wild Eye Facebook page for more updates and this week’s theme.

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt

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  1. Carol Bell

    Well done to the top five…. I really enjoyed the photos and think I learnt a lot from them…….especially with Gerry explaining them…. ie…. the DOF from a higher angle…. (did not know that) …and so much more…. Thanks.

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