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Back light is without a doubt one of my personal favourite types of light and photographing wildlife with the sun coming from behind can result is some truly iconic nature images.

Looking through all the images that were posted to our Facebook page – and there were a LOT – it’s quite obvious that I am not the only one who is keen on back light.  Choosing only 5 images was tough but I have finally chosen my 5 favourites.

Why are they my favourites?

The caught my eye when scrolling through all the images, made me feel something and made me look twice – some of the things that a great wildlife image will always do!

I have added a few of my thoughts below each of the 5 images.

#beinspiredby:  Back Light  |  Top 5

Egil Droge - #beinspiredby Back Light

Egil Droge     |     Facebook

Love the silhouette!

Having photographed Wild Dogs on numerous occasions I just love the mood and moment that this image captures.  It takes me back to some great memories.

* * *

Fred von Winckelmann - #beinspiredby Back Light


Fred von Winckelmann     |     Facebook

A plain and simple image that shows that we don’t always need Big 5 to make great images.

Love the way the bright sun draws my attention and how the spider’s web then allows my view to slowly drop down over the image.

* * *

Andrew Cromhout - #beinspiredby Back Light

Andrew Cromhout     |     Facebook

There was a lot of orange images and when this blue one popped up it immediately caught my attention.

Great way of using back light and an image that makes me feel something. I feel nervous and tense when I see this image!

* * *

Wim Vorster - #beinspiredby Back Light

Wim Vorster     |     Facebook

Classic back light and stunning rim lighting on the Suricate.

The subtle light on the two youngsters just adds to the overall warm, cosy feel of the image.

* * *

Pieter Jacobus Ras - #beinspiredby Back Light

Pieter Jacobus Ras     |     Facebook

This is the Africa I love.

The elephant, both the silhouette and the animal’s posture , is perfect and it shows that you can put a subject in the middle of the frame.  Know the rules then break the rules.  The small Acacia trees in the distance adds great depth to the image and the dust and clouds rounds off the scene.

Absolutely fantastic image and one I wish I had taken!

* * *

I have a number of workshops, safaris and private guided trips coming up and I just know that I will be looking for back light and images like this make me itch to get back into the bush.

Thanks a lot to all of you who submitted your images.  Great seeing and there were many amazing moments.

Stay tuned for this week’s theme!

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt

* * *

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