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Colour plays a major role in photography and is an incredibly strong visual element that is often overlooked or considered only after an image has been taken.

But colour is everywhere we look. It represents and characterises certain subjects or objects – like a Lilac Breasted Roller, or a brown wooden desk – the point is is that we use colour throughout our daily lives as an identifier.

Certain colours evoke certain emotions and moods – red and orange evoke and represent passion, excitement, blood, love, hate and the such, while its cooler complimentary colours evoke more calmer, moodier, sad, peaceful, readings of an image. Add contrasting colours together and you get a whole other reading of an image!

With spring hitting South Africa (yay!), colours are starting to burst forth and plant their feet firmly down in the ground. Bird’s breeding season is arising, so keep an eye out an see how the male’s plumages are changing to attract females, green foliage is curling out and sprouting as they reach for the sun’s rays, there is a lot of life and colours starting to come forth!

Being aware of colour in your images and using it can create a strong ally in how your images are read and interpreted by the viewer as they help us convey stories, emotions, sensations and moods from within the photographic frame.

© Penny Robartes - Wildlife and Nature Photographer

 Here is an example of how different variations of blue is used to create a moody, quiet and secretive image.

© Penny Robartes - Wildlife and Nature Photographer

Notice here how the colour of the image affects your reading and emotional outlook of one of Africa’s most efficient predators.

Here’s how it works if you want to share your images with us this week.

  • Look through your images and select some of your favourite wildlife experiences.  
  • Process or reprocess them like you normally would using your favourite post-processing software.
  • Go to the Wild Eye Facebook page
  • Post your image there using with this heading: #beinspiredby:  Colour
  • In the description share some of your thoughts behind the experience and image.  Tell us why it was special!
  • Check the Facebook page throughout the weekend to see some of the other images and quotes that people are uploading.
  • Next Monday I will then choose 5 of my favourite images and share them on the blog.

[space height=”20″] I look forward to seeing how you use colour as a visual communication.

Stay passionate and keep shooting!

Penny Robartes

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