#beinspiredby: Experiences in the Wild, Top 5

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For this week’s theme it was great to see so many of you agree with the way we see photographic travel and we look forward to sharing our passion for experiencing wildlife photography with you.

Great images, great experiences and great memories!

In no particular order, here some amazing experiences that was shared on our Facebook page last week!

#beinspiredby:  Experiences in the Wild, Top 5

I just had to start this week’s selection with this.

A real adventure

Watch Tristan and Karen‘s video on their Vimeo page here!

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Wild Africa Photography by Jackie B     |     Facebook

Jackie says:  “A flight over the delta is spectacular, particularly when there’s a rainbow in sight.”

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Dee Roelosz – Through My Lens     |     Facebook

Dee says:  “We have been privileged to have had so many wonderful experiences on our travels over the years!  But by far the most special sighting was this one with the 3 lionesses & a total of nine cubs seen on our recent trip to Kruger, I believe a once in a lifetime experience!”

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Carol Bell     |     Facebook

Carol says:  “Talking about “migrations”… We drove up to Kasanka in Zambia, camped, were bitten by tetse flys ….. to see one of the biggest migrations in the world…… Bats…all 80 million of them. The trees one sees in this photo is not covered by leaves… its bats which have come out the canopy of leaves which one sees below. The next day they roost in another part of the mangrove swamps as they have destroyed the canopy leaves. If the bats are not born at Kasanka they do not come back here.    I would say that out of everything I have seen, nothing prepared me for to see the bats come out of the canopy, roost on the trees and they fly off. They sounded like a “waterfall” when they took off from roosting.”

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Christopher Michel     |     Facebook

Christopher asked:  “There’s a wildebeest somewhere in this photograph. Can you spot it?”

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Marlon will be posting this week’s theme on Thursday so make sure to stay tuned and share your wildlife images with us!

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt

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  1. Carol Bell

    Gerry… I think the photos are super and am really enjoying the “beinspiredby” theme…… especially when you give us challenge and maybe make us get out of our “comfort zone”.

    I would like to apologize for my mistake re the bats……. there are 8 million of them not “80”…. there used to be 10 million of them until some research team came in ….. and decided the bats were bring in disease. They were bombed which decreased the numbers of bats…… the research team then left (if I remember correctly they were from the east)……. By the way the bats fly up to 400ks a night to get food (fruit) and come from as far away as Uganda.

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