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Aaannnddd go!

Just kidding. This week’s theme is more of an open theme up to your interpretation.

The only rule? Do not share images just because you previously got a lot of likes on it, or you want to reach that ‘like’ goal. This theme is all about YOU. What is your favourite image, the one that no matter what other images you have taken, maybe even better ones, you just have a special place in your heart for this particular image.

Let me show you mine and I will explain why:

© Penny Robartes - Wildlife and Nature Photographer

This image gets me every time. It’s one of my first images that characterise my photographic vision and feel. More importantly, the reason I love this image is because of my experience and feelings attached to it.

I was walking alone in Tokai Forest one thick misty morning (no, this is not an introduction to a Stephen King novel), and there was no other sound apart from the sounds of the forest. I felt utter peace and in tune with nature. It was a truly special feeling. I was wandering around taking pictures of the trees as I loved how the mist created such a mystical feel to them, when I spotted this Pied crow in the tree.

As a lover of crows (yes, you read right) I stood there watching it for a while, just letting the environment and moment settle into all my senses. Seeing that it was going to fly, I positioned my frame where I thought it would fly and released the shutter when it entered the frame.

This image just captures all the moods, memories, and feelings that I felt during that morning. Every time I look at it, I am transported back there again.

This is why this is my favourite image.

What is yours?

* * *

Here’s how it works if you want to share your images with us this week.

  • Look through your images and select some of your favourite wildlife or nature image.  
  • Process or reprocess them like you normally would using your favourite post-processing software.
  • Go to the Wild Eye Facebook page
  • Post your image there using with this heading: #beinspiredby:  My Favourite Image
  • In the description share some of your thoughts behind the experience and image.  Tell us why it was special!
  • Check the Facebook page throughout the weekend to see some of the other images and quotes that people are uploading.
  • Next Monday I will then choose 5 of my favourite images and share them on the blog.
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Photography is a door into another world where you can capture your experience and keep it with you for whenever you want to go back there.

I look forward to seeing your image and reading why it is your favourite!

Penny Robartes

* * *

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  1. Nancy Anderson

    Your blog really touched my soul. I loved this quote: “Photography is a door into another world where you can capture your experience and keep it with you for whenever you want to go back there.” I thought about my recent trip with Wild Eye and how the 7717 images I have in Lightroom will take me back to those magical sightings time and again. Thank you Gerry Vanderwalt for the many things you taught me and for changing how I see the world and for changing my world!

    1. Gerry

      Thanks Nancy! And the best part about it is that it’s just the beginning of your real photographic journey! There are so many more incredible things out there waiting to be photographed! 🙂 Look forward to meeting up in February and to seeing more of your images!

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