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High ISO.

Just the phrase gets some photographers quite edgy and most would never think of posting images shot at an ISO of higher than 1600 online but last week’s #beinspiredby post saw some great images being shared!

Yes, high ISO images might be a bit grainy and yes you might have to do a bit of processing to bring the best out of the image but at the end of the day wildlife photography is about capturing a special moment and sometimes a High ISO can help.

Below is a short video in which I share some thoughts on this as well as talk through my 5 choices for thew week.

And here goes with the images.

#beinspiredby - High ISO

Hemaka Perera     |     Facebook Page
Image taken at ISO 12,800

#beinspiredby - High ISO

Stacey Farrel     |     Facebook Page
Image taken at ISO 5,000

#beinspiredby - High ISO

Fred von Winckelmann     |     Facebook Page
Image taken at ISO 3,200

#beinspiredby - High ISO

Jason van der Merwe     |     Website     |     Facebook
Image taken at ISO 3,200

#beinspiredby - High ISO

Renier Meyer     |     Facebook
Image taken at ISO 3,200

Thanks to everyone who shared their images.  Great to see and what made it even better was the stories behind the images.

Stay tuned to the Wild Eye Facebook page for this week’s #beinpisredby theme.

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt

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  1. Peter Connan

    Excellent photos!

    Would you be able to tell us what camera was used in each case, or at least what size the sensor is in each case (crop factor and resolution)?

    The reason for the question is that a lot of internet sites say that larger sensors and lower pixel counts are better in terms of noise, but it is difficult for those not able to use multiple cameras to quantify that difference…

    1. Post

      Sure thing Renier! You can create a Special Adjustment Brush preset and use it for all images to pop sharpness. Works very well and is a great time-saver! 🙂

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