#beinspiredby: Kruger National Park and the Greater Kruger

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Thanks to everyone who partook in last week’s #beinspiredby: Kruger National Park and the Greater Kruger, whether you shared your image, commented, or liked another person’s image.

One of the things I like about the #beinspiredby fridays is that so many people come together to share their images or comment and support others. It is really great to see, especially as wildlife photography has become an incredibly competitive art!

And the best thing? I get to see and share everyone’s images.

I chose the images below as each captured a different facet of nature and its wildlife, and different circumstances! The Kruger National Park and Greater Kruger encompasses a wide variety of animal life and all the images below portray a particular moment seen.

So without further ado…

#beinspiredby: Kruger National Park and the Greater Kruger | Top 5

Carol Bell   |   Facebook

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Dee Roeloftsz   |   Facebook

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Linda Venter   |   Facebook

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Manuel Graf   |   Facebook

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Petri Ackermann   |   Facebook

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Thanks again for all the amazing submissions this week and make sure to stay tuned to the Wild Eye Facebook page for more updates and this week’s theme.

Stay passionate and keep shooting!

Penny Robartes

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  1. Dee Roelofsz

    Gosh, thank you so much Penny for choosing one of my photo’s for the Top 5 #beinspiredby this week, there were so many really incredible images, I am truly humbled.

    1. Penny Robartes

      Hi Dee,

      It’s my absolute pleasure! I am fascinated by seeing what subjects of a particular area capture a person’s attention and eye. Especially when the particular area is very such focused on the Big 5 and promotes this aspect of their wildlife. A lot of the other creatures often get overlooked, and i loved that your image was shared for everyone to see and be witness to the the variety that Kruger holds.

      Great composition and use of depth of field to focus the viewer’s attention on the crab’s single eye.

  2. Carol Bell

    Wow…thanks Penny .. I am so chuffed and really thought it might be a fair photo if it had more space around it. As Dee says there were so many really super photos and well done to everyone.

    I also think “Wild Eye” needs a lot of credit for helping and guiding me in my photography development. A BIG THANK YOU.

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