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During the last year or so we have had some incredible images shared in our Friday ‘Be Inspired By’ themed posts on our Facebook page.

The initiative started as a way for us to showcase some amazing subjects and destinations but soon evolved to a fantastic sharing opportunity all thanks to you guys and now each Friday sees an amazing number of great image shared to the Facebook page.

So, after a bit of a chat in the office we have decide to make a few changes to the #beinspiredby posts each Friday.

Here’s what’s changing

From now on each week’s #beinspiredby theme will be hosted by a different member of the Wild Eye team who will not only announce the week’s theme with a blog post on Thursday – like this one – but will also then present their choice of Top 5 images the following Monday in a blog post and video chat.

The video chat, which you will be able to view o YouTube or on the blog, is a great new addition which will not only introduce you to all the members of the Wild Eye team but also give them the opportunity to share more info as to the Top 5 images they chose and why they like them.

We’re excited about the changes and look forward to seeing more of your images.

That being said, from your point of view not much is changing and you can still share your images like you always have been but just in case, here is how it works!

How to be a part of #beinspiredby

Here is a step-by-step of how you can be a part of #beinspiredby each week.

Sharing on Facebook

  1. Each Thursday make sure you check out the blog where the weekly theme will be announced.
  2. From the theme announcement until Sunday evening, head on over to the Wild Eye Facebook page and upload your images.
  3. In your description include the name of your images, short description and use the hashtag #beinspiredby
  4. We will share images to Wild Eye Facebook page throughout the weekend and the Wild eye team will also share their images.
  5. On Monday Keep an eye on the Facebook page and blog for the Top 5 of the week.
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Sharing on Twitter

  1. Each Thursday make sure you check out the blog where the weekly theme will be announced.
  2. Share your images to Twitter and make sure to mention @wildeyesa and use the #beinspiredby hashtag
  3. On Monday Keep an eye on the Facebook page and blog for the Top 5 of the week.
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If you have any questions please let us know or just pop in to the Facebook page and we’ll assist from there!

So with all of that out of the way, here goes with the theme for this week which I will be hosting!

21 March 2014:  People of Africa

African travel is all about the wildlife but when you think back it is the people that complete the memories of amazing experiences.

The field guide that shared his passion, the chef that created daily feasts or the lodge manager that was always there with a friendly smile.  More than that, on some trips into and through Africa you will have a chance to photograph the local tribes or people that live in or around the reserves which, in many cases, sustains their way of life.

In Kenya, for example, you will often have the opportunity to photography the world famous Maasai and if you take your time and get to know them the images you can create can be truly magnificent and a great way to complete the story and experience of a photo safari.

Gerry van der Walt - People of Africa

So this week’s #beinspiredby theme is just that – People of Africa.

Think back of the people that have played a role in your travels through Africa, whether as a part of the actual experience or people that you set out to photograph and share them with us.  Tell us a short story about where you photographed them and, if you know, a little bit of their story.   This could even be a group shot of you and your family and friends in some of the amazing destinations you have visited.

So there you go!

I look forward to seeing your images of People of Africa and make sure to check back next week Monday for a wrap up and my choice of 5 images that stood out.

Happy sharing!

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt

* * *

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    Gerry… what a super idea, and I am really looking forward to the new way are going to be doing “be inspired by” … I feel its going to help me “grow in my photograph”

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