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When we announced the theme for this week’s theme a concern was raised that images would be posted in which animals were stressed in order for people to get the shot.

This was obviously not the case and the theme was aimed completely at showing the experiences of being out in nature.  The moments in between the wildlife photography where we actually take a moment to enjoy the privilege of being out there.

The best part about it?

You guys nailed it!

There were some amazing safari selfies shared on our Facebook page which showed some incredible nature and wildlife moments!  Thank you!

So, as always and in no particular order, here are 5 of my favourites from this week.

#beinspiredby:  Safari Selfies

Wild Eye - #beinspiredby Safari Selfies

Ed Hetherington     |     Facebook

Ed says: “Sleeping under the stars in the Kalahari Desert. It doesn’t get any better than this!”

* * *

Wild Eye - #beinspiredby Safari Selfies

Anne-Katrin Gerner     |     Facebook

Anne-Katron says: “My boyfriend took this photo of me while I was focused on a proper cheetah image in the Mara Triangle.”

* * *

Wild Eye - #beinspiredby Safari Selfies

David Marshak     |     Facebook

David says: “Wild Eye’s own Marlon Du Toit snapped this one of me in Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe, this past July. The dark circles under my eyes are because I was kept up all night by Mana’s own famous elephant Boswell, who was feeding on the tree my tent was under. We’re pretty sure Bos had developed a crush on one of the other photographers on the safari.”

* * *

Wild Eye - #beinspiredby Safari Selfies

Amanda Marais     |     Facebook

Amanda says: “There are times when I put my camera down and I just want to be in the moment. Being close to any wild animal is a privilege and one that should be respected and appreciated.”

* * *

Wild Eye - #beinspiredby Safari Selfies

Felix Reindeers     |     Facebook

Felix says: “The most epic selfie I took of myself on my recent trip to Namibia. It just all came together perfectly.”

* * *

Doesn’t that just make you want to pack up your stuff and head out into the  wild places of thew world?

For more great moments head on back to Facebook and check out some of the other safari selfies that was shared during the weekend.

Oh, and make sure to check back later this week when we change gear back to wildlife images for this week’s theme.

Have a great week!

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt 

* * *

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