#beinspiredby: Splash, Top 5

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That was our theme for last week’s #beinspiredby posts and you guys shared some awesome images.  One of the things that struck me was the diversity of animals making a splash which was great to see.

Not much else to say except here goes with my 5 favourite images from last week!

#beinspiredby:  Splash, Top 5

Jacobus de Wet - Wild Eye

Jacobus de Wet     |     Facebook

Apart from the splash, which is quite spectacular, I love the blur in the Zebra’s legs which adds a great dynamic feel to the frame.

* * *

Hendri Venter - Wild Eye

Hendri Venter     |     Facebook

Great action image.  The fact that you can see the Jackal’s intense face as he charges through the water is what makes it.

* * *

Justin Andrew Glanvill - Wild Eye

Justin Andrew Glanvill     |     Facebook

I love these kind of abstract images and the colours in this one makes it pop.  Not your normal kind of wildlife images but well executed.

* * *

Conrad Walker - Wild Eye

Conrad Walker     |     Facebook

The texture on the water and the penguin’s reflection makes this.  Lovely image!

* * *

Grant Marcus - Wild Eye

Grant Marcus     |     Facebook

Just had to include this for a bit of a laugh!  Check out Grant’s Facebook page for more of this Buffalo that just fell over.  Yip, he just fell over!

* * *

For more great images go and check out the other images people shared on the Wild Eye Facebook page.

This week we have a quite a fun theme coming up so make sure to get your selfies ready and check back in on Thursday for more details!

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt 

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