#beinspiredby: Top 5 Images: Animal Behaviour

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There’s something special about capturing a unique moment in nature, something not seen on a daily basis.

Last week we asked you to share your favorite Animal Behaviour images in our weekly #beinspiredby series and there were some fantastic selections that were posted to our Wild Eye Facebook Page. I managed to narrow them down to about 8, and selecting the final 5 was not easy at all.

Take a minute and watch this video where I explain why I selected the images that I did, and what I found interesting about the behaviour displayed.


Now that you’ve watched the video and my thoughts on the images, you can check out the images below – my choice of Top 5 images from last week’s #beinspiredby posts on the Wild Eye Facebook page.

Top 5:  Animal Behaviour

be inspired by

Fred von Winckelmann
Facebook    |    Website


Laura Dyer
Facebook    |    Website

be inspired by

Alistair Swartz
Facebook    |    500px


 Ed Hetherington
Facebook    |    Website


Alison Buttigieg
Facebook    |    Website

Thanks a lot to everybody who shared their images! It’s always great to see how different people see and photograph the beauty of Africa and it’s wildlife

Make sure to pop in on Thursday when Penny will be announcing this week’s theme!  I look forward to seeing more of your #beinspiredby images!

Until next time!

Marlon du Toit

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  1. Marisa

    This was my first #beinspiredby and I must say it’s not only educational but also inspiring indeed. I confessed I’m an awaful photographer but I’m amazed by the animals and I’m truly amazed by this images that are so provoking. They tell stories and they made me think, maybe I dare and try. Congratulations for the idea and for being able to put together such an wonderful collection of images.

    1. Gerry

      Hi Marisa! Great to have you on board and thanks a lot for your kind words. Look forward to seeing more of your images on #beinspiredby and please shout if you have any questions!

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