#beinspiredby: Top 5 Images: Birds in Flight

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Well, we asked you to inspire us with your photos of birds in flight, and you sure did!

Birds have always fascinated me… perhaps more because of their ability to fly than anything else, but I’d like to believe it’s also because of the beauty and grace that is evident when they do take to the sky.

Capturing a captivating photo of a bird in flight is no easy task, and there are many variables that come into play when it comes to answering the question: “what makes a good photo of birds in flight?”.

Here are the 5 images that stood out to me!

Top 5: Birds in Flight


Simon Beevers

Morkel says:  Capturing any kingfisher in flight with a nice pose AND a catch in its mouth is an amazing achievement.  Doing that while they are flying head-on straight towards you makes me stand up and give a slow clap.  It all just works here, in fact it “rocks”!

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Lennart Hessel
Facebook  |  Website

Morkel says:  This photo shows a nice sense of movement with critical sharpness where it matters (a slower shutter speed was used while panning).  The rim-light also enhances this and sets it apart from just another incoming vulture shot.

* * *


Fred von Winckelmann
Facebook  |  Website

Morkel says:  A low angle, a nice use of strong diagonal lines juxtaposed with the horizontal of the horizon, combined with story-telling DOF with the elephants in the background makes this special – the light is just the cherry on top.

* * *


Bridgena & Johan Barnard
Facebook  |  Website

Morkel says: This is story-telling at its best. Cape Cobras regularly raid the nests of sociable weavers in the Kalahari biome and this photo shows the confrontation and altercation better than any I’ve yet seen.

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Willem Kruger
Facebook  |  Website

Morkel says:   Ground hornbills are endangered and rarely seen in flight. This photo is a very nice documentation of natural history of a bird that has significant ecological value – photos like these can be effectively used to create awareness and concern for their conservation. Soft light has added a nice mood.

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Thanks a lot to everybody who shared their images! Keep practicing on those birds – remember, they are easy to locate close to home and make for excellent photographic practice even if you are not the world’s greatest twitcher.

You can also check out my series of posts on bird photography HERE.

I look forward to seeing more of your #beinspiredby images!

Until next time!


Morkel Erasmus

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  1. Lennart Hessel

    Thank you Morkel for chosing my Vulture photo among the 5.

    They are not the prettiest of birds, but they surely amaze me. They do a wonderful job as a cleaning crew and I think we underestimate how important they are.


    Lennart Hessel

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