#beinspiredby: Top 5 Images: Giraffe

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On Friday the 4th April, the #beinspiredby theme was Giraffe.

Having been away on site inspections and marketing shoots, I have finally recorded the #beinspiredby: Top 5 Images: Giraffe, and I cant wait to share it with you!

As they say; all good things come to those who wait…

So here it is! Grab your beverage of choice and settle in as I bring you:

#beinspiredby: Top 5 Images: Giraffe

Fred von Winckelmann | Facebook

Alison Buttigieg | Facebook

Stephen Pietersen | Facebook

Nobby Clarke | Facebook

Markus Niegtsch | Facebook

Have a wonderful and safe Easter weekend, and I look forward to seeing more of your #beinspiredby images!

Penny Robartes

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