#beinspiredby: Top 5 Images: People in Africa

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Like I mentioned in this post, we always tend to think of wildlife when someone mentions travel in Africa.

It is however the people that we meet along the way and the people that create the amazing experiences that get stuck in our memories. On Friday we asked you to share images of just that – People in Africa – in our weekly #beinspiredby image sharing initiative on the Wild Eye Facebook page.

From now on, a different member of the Wild Eye team will host each week’s theme and on Monday, we will post a video in which their choice of Top 5 images will get shared and discussed. As with all our videos, these recordings will be completely uncut so you never know what could happen in the Wild Eye office.

With all of that said, here goes with my choice of Top 5 images for the week as well as guest appearances by Marlon, who shares some thoughts on the theme he will be announcing on Thursday, Penny and the newest member of the Wild Eye team; Spartan!

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Now that you’ve watched the video and my thoughts on the images, you can check out the images below – my choice of Top 5 images from last week’s #beinspiredby posts on the Wild Eye Facebook page.

Top 5:  People of Africa

#beinspiredby - People of Africa

Morne Prinsloo

#beinspiredby - People of Africa

Ed Hetherington
Facebook     |     YouTube

#beinspiredby - People of Africa

Jannes de Villiers

#beinspiredby - People of Africa

Ockie Minnie

#beinspiredby - People of Africa

Jason van der Merwe
Facebook     |     Website

Thanks a lot to everybody who shared their images! It’s always great to see how different people see and photograph the beauty of Africa.

Make sure to pop in on Thursday when Marlon will be announcing this week’s theme!  I look forward to seeing more of your #beinspiredby images!

Until next time!

Gerry van der Walt

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  1. Carol Bell

    Well done to the top 5. Gerry enjoyed your chat and you pointed things out to me that I had not noticed…. or taken note of……which as I said before will help me …. Thank you.

  2. Morne Prinsloo

    Firstly, thank you for choosing my photo as one of the top 5 for last week. This photo was taken in Mozambique, it is a young boy performing some kind of dance, I’m not sure if it’s ritual or merely for entertainment purposes…
    Keep up the good work guys! Truly inspiring!

    Kind regards

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