#beinspiredby: Wild Eye

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As you might know, our Mara season is now in full swing and as I’m typing this I am receiving updates from Jono and Isaac as they watch a river crossing from our camp!

This is the cellphone image I received from Isaac few minutes ago.


No other people.

No cameras.

Just an amazing wildlife and nature experience.

Man, I can’t wait to get back up to the Mara in a few weeks time.  Gonna be amazing!

Anyway, back to this week’s #beinspiredby images.  It was awesome to see so many images from our previous photo safaris and workshops being posted.  Great trip down memory lane!

To choose this week’s selection I literally scrolled through all the images that was posted and chose ones that caught my eye and then added a few thoughts below each image.

Simple as that.

#beinspiredby:  Wild Eye  | Top 5

#beinspiredby: Wild Eye

Mike Blackburn     |     Facebook

There is more to wildlife photography than just the photography.  It should always be, and I believe this completely, about the experience first.  If you don’t appreciate the experience you are having how can you truly capture the essence and show it to people?

Love this image by Mike which shows a game drive heading off on drive.  It’s ALL about experience.  Oh, and GoPro images are awesome!

* * *

#beinspiredby: Wild Eye

Johan van Eeden     |     Facebook

With our Migration safaris well underway this one caught my eye immediately.  Yeah, we all have Kenya on our minds at this stage.

The Maasai are amazing people and Johan’s image captures a wonderful scene.  The slow shutter speed and streaks of life adds great ‘life’ to the image.

* * *

#beinspiredby: Wild Eye

Margaruitte Heller‎     |     Facebook

This frame makes your eyes wander around for a while and then ultimately you settle on the wildebeest in the middle of the frame.

This image of a herd of wildebeest in the Mara shows but a small part of the spectacle which is the Great Migration!

* * *

#beinspiredby: Wild Eye

Corinne Gonnin-Le Guillou‎     |     Facebook

Nice as it may be, a clean portrait can be a bit boring.  To me, the inclusion of the grass in the foreground adds a lot to this image and makes the viewer feel more a part of the scene and subject.  Eye catching stuff!

* * *

#beinspiredby: Wild Eye

Carol Bell     |     Facebook

Just love the pose and monkey’s face.  Nothing wrong with a bit of a laugh on a Monday!

* * *

Quick and easy.

Thanks a lot to everybody who shared images and wished us well on our 3 year birthday.  It’s been a helluva ride thus far but, as they say in the movies, it’s only just the beginning!!

Stay in touch and make sure to check out the Facebook page on Thursday for this week’s theme.

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt

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