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Wildlife photography is not just about lions and leopards although if you look at social media it seems to be the case.

The subject of an image should not be the one and only criteria when it comes to creating great wildlife images and that is why we chose Wildebeest as the theme for last week’s #beinspiredby posts.

I was expecting quite a few migration images and even though there were quite a few images from East Africa it was awesome to have a nice selection of destinations.

Wildebeest.  Yip, they are quite common and we often don’t even give them a second glance so thanks a lot to everyone who shared their gnu-images.

In no particular order, here are five of my favourites, along with a few thoughts on each image.

#beinspiredby:  Wildebeest | Top 5

#beinspiredby:  Wildebeest

Barry Tanner Photography     |     Facebook

Colour and simplicity, two key ingredients to a striking wildlife images.  The dust in the background creates a lovely moody background for this image and the almost iconic shape of the horns leaves the viewer with very little question as to what the subject is.

* * *

#beinspiredby: Wildebeest

Phil Bennett     |     Facebook

This image has great depth and I love the layers.   The lone Wildebeest in front seems to have suddenly realised he is alone and is the only one in the frame that does not have his head down separating him from the herd.

* * *


Conrad Walker     |     Facebook

The use of multiple exposures is something we played with quite a bit during our Great Migration safaris and even though it is very easy for it to come across as kitch Conrad did a great job here of layering a few frames in camera to recreate the look and feel of the massive herds of wildebeest moving along the Mara river.

* * *

#beinspiredby:  Wildebeest

Johan Barnard     |     Facebook

Great depth of field.  Interesting story.  Well shot.  Enough said.

* * *

#beinspiredby:  Wildebeest

Rouxlé Kriel     |     Facebook

This one stood out due to it’s simplicity and soft pastel colours.  Also liked the repetition of the two sets of horns.

* * *

And that’s it for wildebeest.

Make sure to check back on Thursday when we will announce the new #beinspiredby theme for this week on the Wild Eye Facebook page.

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt 

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