What Is The Best Camera/Lens To Use On Safari?

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Probably one of the most frequently asked questions; “What is the best camera to use on safari?”

To be quiet honest, the best camera to have is the one you have with you. If the only camera you have is the one in your iPhone, then this is the best camera at the given time!

Do you think sitting like this gentleman below will help you better your photography?


I highly doubt that!

If anything, it will frustrate you a lot more and probably make the situation a lot worse because not only do you have to focus on the type of image you want to create and the settings to achieve it but also which one of the ten cameras to use.

In saying this, having multiple cameras is an advantage at times but do not make yourself believe that having more than one body is a MUST because it is not.

Then there are the lenses…

Often people think the bigger the lens, the better the image will be.


Again this is not the case!

The bigger the lens the tougher it is to keep steady & so camera shake can become a issue.

So please do not stress about your gear too much. You do not have to keen buying the newest camera/lens on the market. Worry more about getting to know YOUR gear!

For these of you that have just started your photographic journey, before investing in the best gear, invest in a digital photography course of sort to get a deeper understanding of what digital photography is all about.

In doing this you will not only understand the world of digital photography a bit more but you will understand YOUR gear better. This is vital because the more comfortable you are with your camera in hand the better your photographs will turn out. Muscle memory is key!

I hope this all makes sense.

I’ll be leaving you with the following quote that might clarify why understanding your gear is important.


Until next time

Happy Snapping!


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