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The Better our Camera’s, the Better our Photographs…Right?

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One of the first steps we learn when we pick up a camera is what the different settings mean and do, and how to use them effectively so that when you press your camera’s shutter, you have a image that is exposed to your liking.

And then we practice on this. And practice some more. We point our cameras at different subjects, different scenes and implement the technical knowledge that we have learnt as we expose accordingly and release the shutter.

As our technical competence increases, we start getting frustrated with the introduction of noise in our image. We get frustrated with our images as they are not getting better. We get frustrated with our camera as the technology is holding us back and, did you know, the Nikon D4s has a frame rate of 11fps and ISO range of up to 409,600? Must have it. It is what will take my photography to the next level. It is a better camera that will get me taking better photographs.


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Taken with a D300 (came out in 2007)

We need to stop taking photographs and start creating them. Then you will see the true progression in your images. Then, you will find your images becoming better as you delve into something richer and more evocative. By creating images and moving onwards from the platform of the technical competence, you are injecting life and spirit into your photographs. You are playing with the natural elements that nature abounds with, such as lines and shapes and light and colour.

You are creating feeling and capturing moments, telling stories and further emphasising them in some cases.

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Taken with my old faithful, Nikon D80

Your camera affects the image quality, but not the quality of your image.

So, do you need a better camera to take better photographs?


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