Boswell Bonanza

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Having recently returned from Mana Pools in Zimbabwe I thought I’d post a collection of photos of my favourite resident of that magnificent place.

He’s called Boswell. And no, he’s not a human…he’s an elephant.

Last I heard he was over 50 years old. I’ve been fortunate to have seen and photographed him on a number of occasions now, so this montage is an extract of some shots taken during these sightings.

Why is he called Boswell?

Because he acts like a circus elephant.

He is one of only 2 or 3 old bulls who are currently adept at raising themselves up on their hind legs to reach the higher branches and pods of the albida trees in Mana (the Boswell Wilkie Circus was a famous South African circus).

These photos were all taken while on foot.  That’s the beauty of Mana.

Without further a due, I give you the old boy…










Would you like to have a chance to spot this legend of Mana for yourself “in the flesh”?

Then be sure to add your name to our waiting list for our 2014 Mana Pools Photographic Safari

Morkel Erasmus

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  1. Sir Nigel

    Beautiful pictures! Went to Hwange for our honeymoon in May. Haven’t been to Mana yet but it’s on the bucket list for sure.Will follow your blog.Great pics!

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  2. Andrew Beck

    Some great images here Morkel! I have only one gripe:

    “Why is he called Boswell? Because he acts like a circus elephant.”

    Surely circus elephants have ben trained to act like this guy, imitating their natural behaviour in a circus rather than Boswell acting like a circus elephant (when would he have ever seen one?).

    I had to find some flaw in this post given the quality of the images!


    Great stuff buddy…

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  3. Melanie

    Great shots Morkel, hard to believe they were taken on foot!
    Have you ever taken part in the yearly game counting weekend at Mana? Looking for some updated feedback…

    Nice work.

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