Breaking the rules: Keep that Horizon Level?

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Anyone who knows me will agree that I like to have structure in my life. I like to play by the rules, but am also not afraid to step outside of the box and be a bit rebellious from time to time. I find that this trait is reflected in my photography and I am often caught in a comfortable zone when it comes to composition.

Every photographer knows that there are rules or guidelines in photography and that these are there to be broken. But when does it work and when are the rules applicable?

Not an easy question to answer because in order for us to be the judge of whether it works or not we would need to see the image, understand the story, and judge based on the subject and content in front of us. It needs to be placed into a visual context.

A couple of the Wild Eye team visited Marlon Du Toit in Singita last month and on one of our game drives we came across a small herd of elephants. Being as chilled as they were we were able to get quite close and I found myself shooting with a fixed 14mm lens. As wide as this lens was I still needed to try a different angle in order to include the top of the tree in the frame. The result, a very skew horizon.

Andrew Beck 500PX-41

I quite like the end result though with the elephant and tree somehow combining to balance the image.

Do you think it works?

Andrew Beck

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