Buffet Luangwa

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As the dry season takes hold and the level of the Luangwa River begins to drop, the hippo begin to venture further and further inland to find suitable grazing as the vegetation close to the river has been grazed down to almost nothing. Competition for space also heats up and males that are unable to hold down their territory are forced away from the river in search of any reaming inland pools.

It is at this time of year, that the weak and old hippo fall victim to starvation or fall prey to lion. Although things can be tough at this time of year for large herbivores such as hippo, it is a time of plenty for the carnivores.

One pride of Lion took full advantage of this time of plenty when I found them feasting on a hippo not far from camp. I can’t say if they brought down the hippo themselves or were fortunate enough to come across a recently deceased animal. Whatever the case, they were certainly making the most of it.

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