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Do you want to improve your photography?

YES!?!?! but, have you asked yourself; “how can I better my photography?”

Your potential answers – practice more, read more photographic books, watch more tutorials online, buy a newer/better camera (this will not change a thing if you do not put in the time, a better camera does not mean a better photograph), spend time with like minded people with this common interest… This list can go on forever but, i’m sure you have given thought to at least one of the above yes?

Have you ever though of challenging yourself when it comes to your photography?

Take a step out of your comfort zone!

Michael-Laubscher-Design-Quater-Johannesburg-Wild-Eye, Comfort-Zone

Let me expand a bit here;

In the same vein as motivation, challenging yourself to achieve lofty goals will also force you into situations that are unfamiliar. Pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone allows you to become more flexible, sharper, and more confident.

It also gives you a reason to try harder. Every day is an opportunity to do better, and only when we challenge ourselves will we know our true potential. More than anything, challenges help us identify our positives and negatives a lot better, and teaches us to work more efficiently.

Okay lets get to the point, for those of you who do not know this yet, the Wild Eye Office is in the Design Quarter, Fourways, Johannesburg.

We were approached by the center management who had asked if I could take some images of the building for a magazine and its website.

My initial thought was, I have only ever photographed wildlife?

A challenge was put in front of me in the form of a totally new genre of photography and I accepted this challenge!




It was a load of fun!

I would like to encourage you to venture into new genres of photography not only because its fun and something new but you WILL learn a hell of a lot from it.

I did…

Go out there and try it and let me know how it goes. I look forward to the results.

Happy Snapping!


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