Clash of the Madikwe Heavyweights

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There are rumblings of a battle that is brewing in Madikwe.

The contenders are 3 magnificent lions that inhabit the South East and South West areas of the reserve.

The senior citizen is a lion called the Naledi, and whilst in the company of his brother they reigned supreme in their territory and have many offspring to prove it. That is until the 2 upstarts, known as the Kwandwe’s hit town. These are fearsome lions that have already killed an adult male giraffe and an elephant. Definitely not to be messed with!

The real bad news for the Naledi is that they have already killed his brother in a fierce battle a few weeks back. They have been after his blood ever since.

He is running scared – alone.

When we heard the news over the radio that the Kwandwe’s were on an impala kill (a light snack) and the Naledi was approaching, we anticipated a proper fight.

We found the Naledi and he was on a real mission. He was walking along, roaring continuously with saliva drooling down from his mouth. His eyes looked like they were on fire, seeking revenge and attempting to keep his territory.

He was about 150 metres from where the Kwandwe’s were finishing their impala snack when they stood up, started to roar and began approaching him.

Clearly the memory of their previous battle was still on the Naledi’s mind as he immediately ran off!

Now if you compare the stature of the Kwandwe’s, they are not nearly as impressive as him – but clearly they can handle themselves in a fight!

The Naledi ran for about a km before instinct took over. He turned around and headed back in their direction. By this stage they were both on the road and a stand-off ensued.

The sound of them roaring was spectacular.

The Naledi had had enough and his fear returned once more – off he ran and the promise of a fight fizzled out. The Naledi stopped about 2 kms away and looked back up the road to check if he was being followed. The Kwandwe’s lost interest and returned to their kill.

I have no doubt that this saga will be continued!

Jono Buffey

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