Clik Elite SA and Wild Eye Join Forces

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Last week we introduced you to the Wild Eye Ambassadors who will help you change the way you see photographic travel and education.

Along with these four photographers Wild Eye aims to make photographic education and travel fun and exciting again, to remove any intimidation and stereotypes and  open up the fantastic world of wildlife and landscape photography to as many people as possible.

Through a shared passion for photography and the outdoors the Wild Eye Ambassadors are all committed to conducting themselves in an ethical and professional manner while at the same time sharing their knowledge and experience during the various photo safaris, workshops and courses that they present.

We strongly believe that the Wild Eye Ambassadors form one of the most exciting groups of nature photographers out there and make for a dynamic addition to the South African photography community.

Clik Elite SA shares the same passion for the African outdoors, nature photography and quality photographic gear is the reason that the team of  Wild Eye Ambassadors has been chosen to act as proud ambassadors for Clik Elite SA.

Wild Eye will also act as master distributor in Southern Africa for the Clik Elite SA range of products.

This is a very exciting development and one that we feel will not only add value to both brands but offer you, as the photographer using the gear in the field, a great product, professional service and input from professional photographers to assist you throughout the purchasing process.

The Clik Elite range of camera bags fills a very important gap in the outdoor photography market.

These bags have been specifically designed to address the demands of photographic safaris and outdoor activities as of September the Wild Eye Ambassadors will be using Clik Elite backpacks and accessories on all the photographic safaris and workshops that they present.

If you have not yet done so check out the amazing range of Clik Elite products and make sure to keep an eye on the Wild Eye Facebook page for some amazing discounts and giveaways during the next few weeks.

We look forward to changing the way you see photographic bags and accessories!

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt

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