Course Report: Digital Photography 101

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On Saturday 26 January 2013, I assisted Gerry with the first Wild Eye Digital Photography course of the year.

When I wasn’t walking back and forth outside as a subject for the group to photograph in order to show the effects of different shutter speeds, or not-so-secretly smiling that Gerry ended up running the same path while I was assisting the clients (in the shade) on how to take panning shots, I was assisting Gerry with the course.

While Gerry was going teaching,I couldn’t believe how much I was also learning myself!

I found myself being reminded of important aspects of artistic and compositional elements and learning fascinating tips on camera settings that can change an image from being alright to pretty fantastic!

I truly enjoyed being a part of this course.

Before I started working at Wild Eye, I  had never been part of their courses and seen how they were run. From meeting the Wild Eye team and getting to know their individual and collective personalities, I had an idea of what to expect in regards to the presentation and atmosphere of the course. And I was completely on target.

The course was run professionally in a friendly, fun, and relaxed manner. With the course accommodating a small group of no  more than 12 people, the intimidation of learning photography and being in a group of unknown people was brushed under the carpet.  This course is not only about the lecturer sharing his knowledge, but also the sharing of everyone’s want to learn and lending a helping hand to one another.  The small size of the group encourages a relaxed atmosphere, and importantly allows the lecturers to be able to assist everyone without having to rush from one person to another.

Digital Photography - Wild Eye

It was wonderful to witness the involvement of the group.

How Gerry interacted with everyone and explained the topics covered in the course gave an impression of the course being a gathering of long time friends discussing camera technicalities and artistic and compositional elements. No matter the amount of knowledge a person had about these topics, this course definitely is an asset and worth doing.

The Wild Eye Digital Photography course is geared towards people who want to learn about their camera and techniques, people who want to take better pictures by applying compositional, artistic and camera techniques, and those who even just want a refresh their knowledge.

I enjoyed myself thoroughly during this course. I learnt new and interesting tips, got to meet and assist wonderful people, and be part of the Wild Eye experience!

I cannot wait for this Saturday, 2 February, where I get to assist in the Lightroom course, meet new people, share and lear.


Here are some of our group members feedback from this last weekend:

“Totally inspired facilitator hence a totally inspiring (and fun) course. Loved it! Might do it again before i go onto the next ones. I’m hooked!” ~ Alix Llewellen Palmer

Well Done!!! Well presented with the ideal practical experience included. Gives a person the opportunity to get to know his equipment while learning the theory. The hand-out is ideal and simple to refer back to the things we forget!!! The presenter knows his topic and has excellent knowledge on all the different types of cameras. Thanks.” ~ Daan van der Merwe 

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course. The team was friendly, enthusiastic and had plenty to share. I had a basic understanding of the functions of my camera and I took away a lot from the course. I would highly recommend it to anyone. A big thank you to Gerry and Penny for a wonderful day.” ~ Melissa Fisher


I look forward to one day meeting you on  a Wild Eye photography course and sharing a fun learning experience with you!

Penny Robartes

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