Creating Collection Sets in Lightroom

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Did you know that you can keep your images organised in Collection Sets in Lightroom?

Wild Eye - Lightroom

In this video I give a very basic rundown of how you can create collection sets in your Lightroom Library.

Good luck and drop me comment if you need any more details on sorting out your Lightroom collections.

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt 

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  1. Richard Steyn

    awesome tutorials!! Definitely works , Really enjoying them and can’t wait for the next ones on lightroom to come out . Possible to do one on the adjustment brush / spot removal and feathering ? Battle a bit with those .
    Thank you

    Ps why not have a lightroom class in Durban/Umhlanga ?

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      Thanks Richard! Will be posting a quick follow up video later today and next up definitely something on the brushes and feathering.

      Would love to do courses in Umhlanga!

  2. Simon Beevers

    Thanks Gerry, as always very informative. There is so much to Lightroom and I love these clips you do as it reminds me of the power and versatility of the programme. Maybe your lightroom course needs to change from a 1 day course to a month long event!

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  3. Jackie

    Hey Gerry

    Great tutorials, thanks!

    Do you then keep only your favourite images in the collections but still have all images in lightroom catalogue? Or do you delete images that didn’t make it to a specific collection?


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      Thanks for the comment Jackie. Yes, I keep all my original RAW files in my Lightroom catalog and then add the processed images to various Collections based on destinations, favourites, etc. Hope that helps! 🙂

  4. Simon Beevers

    Is there a way, in the library module to display only the images that have been previously processed / worked on? going forward, i will star these images, but my old images have no rating.

    1. Simon Beevers

      To answer my own question

      Library>New Smart Collection (or create in the Collections panel)
      Choose name & location
      Match: All
      Change “Rating” to “Has Adjustments” (scroll way down, it’s 6th from bottom)

      It should default to “true” on the right, if not swap this as required.

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        Or, when you are in your Library Module’s Grid view you can use the drop down menu on the bottom menu and select the sorting method to be according to ‘Time Edited’. Hope that helps!

  5. Subi

    Hi Gerry

    Thanks for the introduction to Collections, which I’ve never used!

    So, once we import the folders can we select images and share them in the Collection sets?

    Also, can a image be in more than one collection set?


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      Hi Subu! Thanks a lot and welcome! 🙂 Yes, once your images are imported into Lightroom you can assign them to Collections. This does not influence the actual location of the files on your disk. And yes, you can assign images to as many different collections as you need to which is great when it comes to organising your catalog!

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