Crossing Points of the Mara Triangle: Lookout Crossing

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Anyone that has been to the Masai Mara will be familiar with the Lookout region. The lookout hill, aptly named given that it is one of the highest points in the area adjacent to the Mara River, overlooks a massive open grassy plain which runs down towards the Mara River.

The Map below clearly shows the location of the Lookout Crossing point in relation to the Peninsula, Little Peninsula and of course the Wild Eye Camp. You would be right if you think the camp is so close you can hear the wildebeest approaching the river! Remember, it is less than 4km’s between the Wild Eye Mara Camp and The Peninsula!


Looking at the image above you’ll notice that the northern most point is situated on more of a bend than the southern point. This bend is what creates pressure and often forces the wildebeest to cross here whereas, at the southern point, the herds tend to mill around, moving upstream and downstream for long periods of time before either crossing or moving south to either the Little Peninsula or the Peninsula itself.

This last season we were treated to some massive and spectacular early morning crossings at the northern most Lookout point.










I didn’t witness any crossings take place at the Southern section of the Lookout Crossing point during my time in the Mara this last season but was treated to an incredible crossing here back in 2014.

That is lookout hill in the background by the way…


Our team of guides and guests literally spent the entire day watching and waiting for this monstrous build up to take place, enjoying breakfast and lunch in the field rather than returning to camp (even though it was only 2km’s upstream).


This straight section of the river makes for some pretty impressive images which depict the scale of the migratory herds as they seemingly disappear into the back of the frame rather than the typical “left to right” type scene which we so often see.


Lets just say that I would be happy to witness another crossing at either of the Lookout Crossing points on the Mara River during our 2016 and 2017 Great Migration Safaris.

Next week I will head north of the Wild Eye Mara Camp to a crossing point which was only opened to the public last year, BBC.

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