Cubs At Kapanda

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After the loss of their dominant leader in an epic battle with a buffalo click here for that story. There had been much speculation amongst us guides as to what would happen to Mwamba Kaingo pride and how it would change the dynamic of the 17-strong group of Lions.

For a time after his death, we noticed that his brother and two of the females seemed to be missing from the group. It took a while, but eventually they were found at Kapanda lagoon which is a long way in land from the Luangwa river and one of the last water holes to dry up. Supporting life well into the dry season.

Reports began to come back that one of the females had given birth to 4 cubs. I had to see this for myself, so I explained to my guests that there were reports of Lions with cubs at a specific lagoon, but it is a long drive and of course no guarantees that they will be there. Fortunately for me, they were happy to take a chance for the sake of possibly seeing young cubs.

Off we went and as we began to approach the lagoon my excitement was reaching fever pitch and as we rounder the corner and came into view of the lagoon.


I took out my binoculars and scanned the surrounding tree line. But again. No sign of any lions.

I rather sheepishly turned to my guests and suggested we head to the baobab forest for a sundowner. I always had that contingency in my mind but hoped I wouldn’t need it.

After a rather spectacular sundowner we began to make our way back to camp.

As we approached the turn off to the lagoon, something told me to go and have one more look. As there was still a bit of light left, I followed my instincts.

And I am pleased I did, for as we rounded the same corner that led us to the lion less lagoon not an hour before now led us to 7 lions.

3 adults and 4 cubs.

All lounging beside the water.

As soon as I parked up, the adults began to move off and quickly disappeared into the tree line leaving the 4 cubs out in the open. Very quickly after the adults left, the cubs became very curious about our vehicle. They made their way over to inspect this strange noisy beast and after their curiosity was satisfied they began to play and continued to do so well into the night.

Leaving my guests and I very pleased indeed.


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