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I am very excited to be co-hosting the upcoming South Rift Valley Safari with Greg du Toit. Apart from the fact that Greg is the 2013 Wildlife Photographer of the year, this safari is unique in that it combines culture, conservation and photography into a truly unique safari experience to one of the most remote and wild regions of Kenya.

Sometimes images just aren’t enough and thats why i wanted to highlight 3 amazing videos which take us through how Greg first came to this region, why the wild free-roaming lions and people in this region are able to co-exist in a world dominated by human/animal conflict, and finally, what has happened to the lions that Greg photographed from that waterhole years ago

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The Start of a Journey

At first, the notion to photograph a truly wild lion drinking, seemed like a simple one, provided one knew where to find the lion and where to find water? Fortunately, living on the Western escarpment of the Gregorian Rift Valley in the South of Kenya, both the aforementioned luxuries were at Greg’s disposal.

This video interview shows Greg explaining how he eventually was able to capture the incredible moment which now graces the cover of his coffee table book “AWE”.

A Conservation Success Story : Dancing With Lions

Pride & Pastoralist. This short film gives an insight into the complicated layers of the human-animal conflict and highlights the importance of coexistence in the future of sustaining wildlife populations in Kenya. The underlying message is that coexistence of pastoral livestock and wildlife is not only possible, but is the best hope of sustaining large viable carnivore and other wildlife populations. Although this film focuses on specifically lion in the South Rift region, it speaks to many human-animal conflict issue worldwide.

This film will give you a taste of what guests on our South Rift Valley Safari will experience in this wild and remote part of Kenya.

Returning to Paradise

Anna Campbell and Greg du Toit, strangers before this film, set off on what some would label an impossible mission. Greg was looking for the cubs he initially photographed 7 years ago, the same cubs that helped launch his career – the images of which have been published around the globe.

Greg found himself wondering what happened to them? Anna Campbell a Kenyan born wildlife filmmaker had spent time with the lions in the region Greg took his photograph whilst filming her documentary, ‘Shall We Dance’.

They joined forces to try and find some answers for Greg and Anna documented their ambitious pursuit where possible – here is what happened…

The Next Step…

And that sets the scene for a truly unique safari that Greg and I will be hosting in June this year. There is no other safari company that visits this special corner of Africa and no other safari itinerary can offer the unique mix and blend of experiences that this one does.

In one sentence, this safari offers up lakes, forests, wetlands, plains, birds, frontiers, mammals, predators, nocturnal wildlife, culture, research, education, photography, conservation, mountains, rivers, wilderness, adventure and freedom.

For more details on the Safari you can drop me an email or check out the safari itinerary here.

Isn’t it time you changed the way you see the world?

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