Day 3: Great White Shark Photo Safari

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Today was a long day.

We started off our morning on the water looking for sharks to photograph around a very productive Seal Island.

Great White Shark Photo Safari

 We found them – again – and we had lot of action – again – but that breathtaking breach images still eludes us.  It is not easy – and when I am back in Johannesburg next week I will do a pot specifically on the actual ‘mechanics’ of trying to photograph this amazing spectacle!

It’s never band out in nature with your camera and for the second consecutive day we were lucky enough to again have a massive group of dolphins spend around an hour around the boat.  Awesome!!

Great White Shark Photo Safari

After coming back off the water, which was a helluva lot rougher than the first day but still had us witness seven out of twenty natural predations, we stopped for a quick lunch and then straight into a landscape photography session.

Landscape photography is a very specific genre but if you understand the basics you will be able to add so much to your safari and travel images.

Great White Shark Photo Safari

Kobus Tollig did a quick theory session after which our group hit Boulder’s Beach in search of composition and light (and the occasional creative, low-light penguin shot).

Great White Shark Photo Safari

This kept us going until just after sunset.

Dinner rounded off another great day.  By this time of a photo safari the group knows each other well which makes for great dinner conversation, anecdotes and stories.

Tomorrow morning we head out onto the water for our third day at sea.  Great times!

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt

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