Day 4: Great White Shark Photo Safari

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This morning was rough!

The ocean was rough and photographic opportunities were just as rough.

This does not mean we did not have an amazing experience.

On the contrary.

Being crashed around by the waves in False Bay while chasing natural predations – the term used for when a great white shark attacks a cape fur seal – is an absolute rush whether you have a camera with you or not.

During the first hour we saw four predations but with absolute monster swells it was either difficult to get to them or photographically a no-go as you get flung all over the place.  Ok, might be a tad dramatic but still – it was difficult!

Often we would arrive and all we would find is a flock of birds waiting to pick up whatever seal  leftovers they can find and sometimes a quick glimpse of the great white on the surface.

Great White Shark Photo Safari

We did try a number of decoy tows, to see if we couldn’t get a hit but no luck.  There was on occasion where we all had our cameras aimed at the decoy and then saw a shark breach on the decoy pulled by another boat.

But still… no… shot.

The idea was, after the morning rush, to do some cage diving but the ocean had other ideas so we spent some time focusing on the numerous seabirds found around seal island.

The interaction between the various species is great to watch as they compete for whatever scraps they can find.

Great White Shark Photo Safari

After lunch we spent the afternoon at Cape Point focusing on some of the fanua and flora of the area.  I have not visited this park all that often but it is most definitely worth it and if you were to spend some time there you will end up with some amazing images.

Great White Shark Photo Safari

From there we took a short drive to Scarborough where we took our time in photographing the beach and amazing sunset.

The end of another great day, which means we have one more morning on the water to get that shot!

But you know what?  Even if we had to call it quits right now the experience of being out on the water with a group of photographers I would be very happy!

We have had amazing photographic moments, spectacular sightings and more than just a few laughs.  It has been an absolute blast!!

But like I said… one more morning on the water.

Let’s see what happens!

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt

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