Day 4: Masai Mara Photo Safari

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We have just wrapped up another great day in the Mara.

The photographic opportunities have been out of this world and sharing it with people who are passionate about wildlife and photography  makes it even better!

With being out in the field all day and assisting with the management of the brand new Wild eyer Mara camp I have not had time to sort of process of any of my images yet so for today I thought I would show you exactly where we have been based for this specific trip.

This morning I did a few screen captures off my iPhone so follow the blue dot…

Wild Eye Mara Camp

Wild Eye Mara Camp

Wild Eye Mara Camp

Wild Eye Mara Camp

 The blue dot above is my position this morning.

The area just to the right of it is where our authentic camp has been set up – all along the banks of the mighty Mara river where, as I write this, I can see a massive herd of buffalo, eland and zebras!  Mind blowing stuff and will be sharing some images soon!

Tomorrow we do it all again so stay tuned for some more images from the Mara!

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt

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