Day 5: Great White Shark Photo Safari

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What a day.

After four days at sea and some awesome photographic opportunities we have wrapped up our Great White Shark Photo Safari.

When I get back to the office I will be putting together a full trip report with images, stats and feedback from the trip but for now just a quick summary of the last day of our trip.

The easiest way to do this is to simply share in a few images I captured today.  These images just scratch the surface of the actual photographic experience of being out  on the water in False Bay and yes, date for next year have been confirmed.

Great White Shark Photo Safari

Great White Shark Photo Safari

Great White Shark Photo Safari

Great White Shark Photo Safari

Great White Shark Photo Safari

Yes, we had an absolutely amazing day!  Everything just worked out perfectly – during the week we had the opportunity to learn together, shoot a wide variety of subjects and scenes and share a lot of laughs.  A lot.

Going on a trip like this is not only about that one shot.  Yes, it is what we all chase and hope for – and it is great that everybody had the opportunity to get the shots – but there is more to it.

It’s about shooting the other stories that complete, in this case, the story of the world of the Great White Sharks of Seal Island.

It’s about pushing yourself photographically.

Trying new things and learning something along the way.

Getting new images.

Having fun.

But most importantly, and this I believe completely, it’s about this…

Great White Shark Photo Safari

It’s about people!

Thank you to everybody who joined us for this amazing photographic experience!  It was an absolute pleasure getting to you know you all and spending time out in the field with you.

More thanks, images and info from this trip to follow in the trip report.

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt

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  1. Jules Gunther

    Zoe and I are going through Wild Eye withdrawals! Looking forward to the next time we see each other. When you get a chance, please email us the group photos. XO

    1. Post

      Was great having you guys on the trip! Will most definitely drop you an email with the group shot! Stay in touch and look forward to seeing you again.

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