Day 5: Masai Mara Photo Safari

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This morning fell in love with Africa.


Gerry van der Walt - Masai Mara

After an absolutely frenetic morning of photography which included two dramatic river crossings, a single hyena bringing down a young wildebeest, lions and massive herds of elephants, we stopped for breakfast.

It was not just any breakfast spot but the exact same place where some of the iconic scenes from the movie Out of Africa was filmed.  Breathtaking does not even begin to describe the amazing landscape in the north of the Mara Triangle.

As we drove up the hill to where the Wild Eye Mara Camp staff had set up a fantastic breakfast I looked at the scene and felt truly humbled, and emotional, that I was living my dream.

Whether it was the adrenalin of the morning’s photography or simply the affect that Africa can have – I was in a special place and for the first time in quite some time felt that strong love for Africa and the reason I do what I do.

It is just to easy to get caught up in the business side of things and even though most people think leading a photographic safari is a holiday it is hard work.  You have to focus on the clients, make sure that the operations at camp is running smoothly and only then focus on your own photography.

That being said, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Looking around and seeing people photographing Africa and then looking up at me with that look that says “did you see that?’ is worth more than any image I capture myself.  This morning I saw that look a number of times and when we arrived at our breakfast stop up on the hill I knew that many of the guest shared my emotions.

We have had the most amazing time in the Mara and even the highest expectations have been exceeded.

The sighting and photographic opportunities have been unreal, our guests have learnt new techniques, the new Wild Eye Mara Camp has proved to be more we ever dreamed of and, for me the best of all, is I rekindled a passion which was hidden underneath work, plans and schedules.

We have one more day left on this trip before out guests head back home so it’s not over just yet!

The way things have been going there are still many moments to share and images to capture.

Gerry van der Walt - Masai Mara

This morning fell in love with Africa.  Again.

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt

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  1. Terry in Indiana, USA

    Your enthusiasm and excitement is contagious!!! My husband and I are headed to Kenya for a mission trip in January and we plan to stay over for a few extra days to go to the Mara. Something so very magical about Africa!!! Although our timing will not be a good as yours, I’m sure we’ll see plenty of awesome sightings then as well. Two years ago we did Tanzania and I’ve been itching to go back ever since. Thank you for reminding me of the magical beauty that awaits us! Someday I’d love to do a photo safari with you….

  2. Terri Allen Durban,SA

    Thanks for the WildEye update, truely inspirational. I think you have made all of us fall in love with Africa again. Love the Giraffes!! Cant wait for the next update.

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