Desktop & iPad Wallpapers – January 2012

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Welcome to 2012!


So this is it.  The start of a brand new year – new beginnings, new projects and new adventures.


This year is going to see not only the continuation of the Wild Eye story but a whole lot of new features, presentations and other exciting developments.  Did I say Wild Eye TV?  😉


The Wild Eye team will be back in the office from 3 January to get on top of all the emails and small admin tasks that, I guess, is a necessary evil of this time of year.  As of Monday 9 January we will be all stations go as we prepare for courses, photo expeditions and various exciting and unique presentations.  This date also sees the return of the Wild Eye Photo Chat and Wild Eye Talking Travel videos in which we will share a lot of the new projects we have in the pipeline.  Believe me when I say it’s gonna be a helluva ride!


You also want to make sure that you check out the Wild Eye Facebook Page, Twitter Feed and blogs during the coming week as we will be releasing all the details on the Wild Eye Nature Photography Competition which kicks off on Friday 6 January 2012


Entry to the competition is free and it will be hosted on the Wild Eye Gallery so start looking through your images and get out into the field to get snapping.  The competition is gonna be huge and the prizes are amazing with the overall grand prize being a photographic expedition for two to the Great Migration in the Masai Mara in 2013!  Watch this space!


Anyway, let’s back to the reason for this post – it’s time for the free desktop wallpapers for January 2012 and this is also one of the first new offerings for the year.  This month, and from now on, you will not only have the choice of various free downloads for your work and home computers but you can also enjoy amazing images on your iPad! 


Yeah, from this month you can download wallpapers for your iPad which have been customized to work in both landscape and portrait orientation. Nice!


As with all the wallpapers from lat year, each of the four wallpapers are available in two sizes.  The large versions are sized at 2560 x 1600 and small ones at 1280 x 800.  To download your favorite wallpaper, without the frames, simply use the text links below the image of your choice, right click on the image once it has finished loading and that’s it!  


If you’re not sure how to add the wallpaper to your desktop background simply leave a comment and we’ll help you out!  More info on the iPad wallpapers after the four desktop images.


Wallpaper #1 – January 2012




Canon 40D, 200mm, 1/200, f/11, ISO 200

Madikwe Game Reserve, South Africa

Image by Andrew Beck


Simplicity, color and repetition makes for a great moody image. 


All too often we find ourselves looking at scenes like this and never pick up our camera to capture the moment.  If you look at the resulting images it is definitely worth it!


To download the small version of this image click here.  Alternatively click here for the larger version.


* * *


Wallpaper #2 – January 2012



Nikon D3s, 600mm, 1/500, f/5.6, ISO 320

Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

Image by Gerry van der Walt


The Kgalagadi is a truly special place and this image shows two lionesses as they start moving around in the late afternoon sun. 


Often it is the small things that makes an image work or tell a story.  In this case the lioness on the right has started moving off with the other one also looking in the same direction.  Where are they going?  The moment you get your viewer to ask a question about your images you are on the right track.


To download the small version of this image click here.  Alternatively click here for the larger version.


* * *


Wallpaper #3 – January 2012




Canon 1D Mark III, 200mm, 1/800, f/3.5, ISO 100

Boulder’s Beach, South Africa

Image by Andrew Beck


This image captures the behavior of the Rock Hyrax perfectly – basking in the sun. 


The strong blue color combined with the texture and diagonal line of the rocks make for a very striking image of a not-so-often photographed subject.  As this image shows, it pays to keep your eyes open for these kind of subjects and images that we often overlook.


To download the small version of this image click here.  Alternatively click here for the larger version.


* * *


Wallpaper #4 – January 2012



Nikon D3s, 600mm, 1/1600, f/4, ISO 200

Masai Mara, Kenya

Image by Gerry van der Walt 


Apart from the Great Migration, the Cheetah is the animal that best symbolizes East Africa.  


This image shows a female in the vast grass plains of the Masai Mara in Kenya.  A shallow DoF and long focal length has isolated the subject by blurring the back- and foreground adding to the feeling of a small subject in a very large space.


To download the small version of this image click here.  Alternatively click here for the larger version.


* * *


And now time for the new iPad wallpapers!  Exciting isn’t it?


These wallpapers have been sized to fit your iPad screen perfectly, in both landscape and portrait orientation.  All you have to do is save the image to your iPad photo library where it will be saved in the Camera Roll.


From there click on the little arrow-out-of-the-box icon and select ‘Use as Wallpaper’.  Looks like this.




Once you have selected ‘Use as Wallpaper’ you can choose to set the image as the wallpaper for your Lock Screen, Home Screen or both.  But hey, you could also download both images and use one for the Lock Screen and one for the Home Screen.  I am currently using the star-scape image and it looks awesome!


If you have any issues with installing your iPad wallpapers, or if you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help out.  Also, once you have used the wallpapers on your iPad I would love to hear whether you prefer the image clean like this or if you would like a calendar added as well?  Let me know!


So with that being said, here are the first two iPad wallpaper downloads for 2012.


iPad Wallpaper #1 – January 2012




Nikon D700, 14mm, 25sec, f/2.8, ISO 2500

Madikwe Game Reserve, South Africa

Image by Gerry van der Walt


Anybody who has been to Africa will know that the night skies are the stuff memories are made of and pointing your camera skywards can result in amazing images.


In this image the dead Leadwood tree almost seems to point up to the Milky Way, leading your gaze back up to the sky and thereby visually confirming what the focus of the image really is.


To download this wallpaper for your iPad click here.


* * *


iPad Wallpaper #2 – January 2012




Nikon D3s, 130mm, 1/400, f/2.8, ISO 3200

Madikwe Game Reserve, South Africa

Image by Gerry van der Walt


This image puts the spotlight on one of Africa’s most elusive cats.  Literally.


By using a narrow spotlight beam, the subject is surrounded by a natural dark frame showing.  In a situation like this you need to spot meter of the subject, which is in the light, to make sure you expose the image correctly and don’t blow out the highlights.


To download this wallpaper for your iPad click here.


* * *


So there you have it! 


Some great wildlife and nature images to brighten up your desktop and iPad.  Since we are all about sharing the experience it would be great if you could share the link with your friends and family so they can also choose their favorites.


Also, in case you missed it here is the link to my first blog post for 2012 in which I share a few thoughts on the New Year.  During the next week we will be catching up so there might be a few blog posts here and there but, as mentioned, as of 9 January 2012 it is all stations go and then there are some great tutorials, photography and travel blog posts and of course the new videos coming up.


To make sure you don’t miss any updates, blog post of random images from the Wild Eye Gallery make sure to check out the following social media links.


As always I look forward to hearing from you.


Until next time.


Gerry van der Walt


* * *

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