Desktop Wallpapers for September 2012

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September has been an absolutely crazy month so far!

After an amazing, and very  successful Mara season, we are back in the office and working hard on putting all the trip reports together as well as finalising some exciting photo safari and workshop dates for 2013 so make sure to stay tuned.

For now here goes with two quick wallpaper downloads for September.

Yes, I know they are late and the month is halfway over but hey, at least you can have some African wildlife on your desktop for the rest of the month! 😉

If you’re new here it’s very easy.

Simply scroll down, click on the desktop of your choice and download using the links below the image.

Here goes…

Wallpaper 1 – September 2012

Andrew Beck - Free Wallpaper Download

Mara Sunrise

Image by Andrew Beck

There are few more magical times in the African wilderness than the few minutes before the sun breaks over the horizon.  Andrew captured this image about 3 minutes from the Wild Eye Mara Camp as we were heading out on another amazing day of wildlife photography.

To download this free desktop wallpaper at a size of 2560 x 1600 click here.

* * *

Wallpaper 2 – September 2012

Gerry van der Walt - Free Wallpaper Download

Cheetah Stare

Image by Gerry van der Walt

 This particular cheetah was one of the most obliging photographic subjects I have ever photographed in the wild.  Our group spent about 2 hours with him one morning and we got pretty much every shot we were looking for.  Cheetah on mound – check.  Cheetah stretching – check.  Cheetah staring over shoulder – check.  An amazing morning!

To download this free desktop wallpaper at a size of 2560 x 1600 click here.

* * *

There you go!

Even though it’s a little late, download one or download both and please feel free to share these wallpapers with your friends and family.  Enjoy!

In October we will have a whole bunch of wallpapers to choose from for both your desktop and iPad so make sure you don’t miss any updates make sure to check out the Wild Eye Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt

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