Gerry van der Walt - Maasai - Kenya - Great Migration

Dickson’s Beautiful Moment

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The best things in life are not things, they are moments.  This is something I am always very aware of while hosting safaris and sharing moments with my guests.

The moment you see your first leopard in the wild.  Your first polar bear.   A magical African sunset shared with loved ones.  Saying goodbye to new friends at the end of a safari.

These moments are what matters – really matters – and these moments should never be taken for granted.    A few weeks ago the entire Wild Eye office had one of these moments as the result of someone else’s moment.

It was difficult to not to feel feel emotional when we received a WhatsApp from Dickson.

After each Migration season, as a way of saying thank you for the incredible part they play in our Wild Eye Mara Camp, all our Kenyan staff invite their families and they all get together at our camp where they enjoy a few days – and many special moments – together.

This year, after one of our best Migration seasons to date, all the staff and their families boarded a train from Nairobi to Mombasa and then spent a few days in Diani Beach to celebrate another successful safari season.  The messages, and Sammy’s IG story, was just amazing and it was truly special to see our incredible team enjoying themselves and creating moments together.

When we arranged the trip for the staff we didn’t know how much of an impact the trip would have on some of the people.

If you’ve been on a Migration safari with us and you know Dickson the following video clip that he sent to us from Diani will be even more special.

Knowing the many moments and experiences that Dickson has created for so many people – seeing this was beautiful.

Gerry van der Walt - Maasai - Kenya - Great Migration

The best things in life are not things, they are moments.

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