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Tucked away within the largest wetland in the world lies a hidden paradise few have ever laid eyes upon. The sheer beauty of this landscape is unlike anything you’ve seen before, and the animals inhabiting this wildlife haven are incredibly unique and many not found elsewhere.

None of the Pantanal’s inhabitants are as sought after as the elusive Jaguar, and this incredible Wild Eye Safari is designed to take you into the heart of the spotted cat’s homelands as we dedicate 7 days entirely for this purpose alone.

Finding & photographing Jaguars requires time & patience. We will spend entire days (apart from lunch breaks) in search of this striking cat, and stand a good chance of not only seeing them, but also of watching them on the move as they explore their territories and go out on the hunt.

You’ve travelled all the way to see them, and we have dedicated 7 days to focus solely on them and allowing you to capture an incredible portfolio of the Pantanal’s Jaguars.

September is dry-season in the Pantanal, and the Jaguars prey will be drawn to the river for water. This makes life a little easier for the Jaguars as they simply need to patrol the water’s edge & they are likely to find what they are searching for. The females tend to hunt prey to the size of Capybara, but the much larger males often spend their time stalk another large predator that’s found here, the Cayman.

There’s a wide array of other animals to be seen & enjoyed in both Northern & Southern Pantanal. We will be visiting both of these regions and therefore will allow you the opportunity to see animals such as Giant Anteaters, ocelots, different macaw species, Marsh Deer, cayman, capybaras, anacondas, primates, a massive array of bird species & much more.

There are several aspects that separate this safari from many other to the region.

There’s only 4 guests in total ensuring comfort, space, dedicated attention & exclusivity.
A Wild Eye specialist safari guide will be on hand at all times, as well as our local expert guide Ricardo Viegas. In the company of these two experts you’ll be sure to both get the images you’ve dreamed of, as well as learn more about this fascinating wilderness.
The fact that we get to spend 7 days searching for & photographing Jaguars is a fantastic feature of this safari. You’ve travelled all the way to this corner of the globe, and we aim to maximize the opportunity to see the Jaguars of the Pantanal at their very best!

If you’ve always wanted to explore this magnificent region, then this exciting adventure is for you! Have a look at the link below to book this safari, or simply email your questions through to us & we will get back to you soonest!

To view this safari on our website, simply CLICK HERE.

NOTE: Images beautifully captured by Michel Zoghzoghi

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