Do You Like to Ask for Likes?

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Sharing is awesome and social media has changed the way in which we interact with each other.

From a photography point of view this is great because we get to share images, learn from each other, engage in conversations about our passion and stay in touch with current technology.

By following certain people and companies on Twitter or by liking selected pages on Facebook you can get great value and improve your own online photographic experience because they add value.

Let me say it again… they add value!

There are so many people out there asking, no, begging for likes.  They keep on asking us to like their page and share it with our friends.

To those people begging for likes – are you adding value? Are you giving us more than just a stream of, in this case, your own wildlife images?

Do you really think that the amount of likes on your Facebook page has anything to do with how good a photographer you are? Is it not possible that some people will just ‘like’ your page because it’s what people do on Facebook?

Or perhaps they ‘like’ your page because they kinda hope that, according to the social media code of conduct, you will ‘like’ their page right back?  Does that mean I really care about your brand or what you have to offer?  Nope.

Just because you have a huge number of followers you can also not be assured that they are following you as they can hide any feed from their timeline.  That means that your number of loyal followers is unfortunately just that – a number.

I find it sad, and such a missed opportunity, that so many people focus all of their attention on asking and begging for likes rather than working on fulfilling the unwritten promise of “I will add value to your feed if you follow me or my company”. 

Social media, even though it is based in the digital world, is still supposed to be social.

This implies interaction, engagement, conversation.

Stop begging for likes and rather focus on the reason you think and believe people should like you in the first place.  Don’t get so caught up in asking for their likes and approval that you ignore the flame that made you ask in the first place.

Focus on adding value, teach people something, stimulate conversation or even just share other interesting information on photography – yes, it’s not only about you – and you will be surprised how many people will start liking what you do.

And perhaps even ‘like’ your page because those are two very different things!

So, the bottom line is, and with apologies to The Field of Dreams, if you build it, they will come.

On a less serious note, gonna leave you with this video – Facebook in Real Life.  Had a good laugh at this one.


Now, on top of that, imagine how annoying it would be if someone had to keep asking you to like their products and services in between all of that without adding value.

Just saying.

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt

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  1. Dale Ferreira

    It’s the laziest form of community management there is. Every time you ask for a like, share or comment…a unicorn dies. That’s not even an opinion. Remind brands that do this, they need to know.

    If you content is good, they will come.

    Judge on engagement through analytics, this is a true test.

  2. Drew Cairncross

    I have done it once, a while ago. At the time it felt very uncomfortable and have never done it since. I enter very few competitions now, as I know I have much to learn, and am way behind the front runners. Having said that though, I do still aspire to take images which speak for themselves. It will take lots of time and effort, but I do know that it will be time and effort well spent. Even if I do not get the results. I have indulged in many hobbies, but none have captivated me like wildlife photography.

    I have many friends who have left Africa, and nothing pleases me more than getting a comment like, “I love your photos, and it makes me want to return home.” … objective achieved. Two of these people have actually brought their respective partners to SA, who have never been to Africa before, and had me drive them around a few local reserves. Very special memories, all due to this incredible hobby.

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