Educate the Users. Erase the Demand.

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The following video was put together by the Wild Eye creative team.

  • Wild Eye supports the combined efforts of all groups or individuals that support rhino conservation and give up their time and resources.
  • Wild Eye support the message that the video has been designed to get across.
  • Wild Eye is aware that so much more is required to save the species.
  • Wild Eye believes that the various governments around the world should be responsible for protecting our rhino and eradicating the demand.
  • Wild Eye remain optimistic that sanity will prevail.
  • We all need to help – please share and assist in getting the message out to the world .
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When we started the production of this video and engaged with the voice over artist, there were over 200 rhino that had been slaughtered in SA.  This depressing statistic now stands well over 300 … in such a short space of time!

Please feel free to share this video or contact us should you need a high quality copy.

Jono Buffey

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  1. Martin

    Not sure how easy it will be to educate the users when their entire culture is causing them to covet rhino products. There are a lot more of them than us and the main users steadfastly refuse to take the necessary action to halt the demand and the trade.
    I’m not saying don’t try – we must – but I fear we are like King Canute trying to hold back the tide.

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