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The Effect of a Positive Attitude on your Final Product

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There is no doubt that if we are passionate about something and want to keep on climbing towards our vision, we need to aspire to those heights.

This is not as easy as going from A to B where you will then end at C. For some maybe, but for most of us? Not really.


Every action you do, every sentence you say are all affected by the attitude you hold. It is easy to inspire others if you are feeling positive and inspired yourself. It is an energy that gets transferred from you to another person and/or to your image. It will affect things around you in various degrees, but it will have an affect.

Same goes with photography. If you are excited about your photography and positive about the images you are creating, your creative process towards the final product will be enhanced by those feeling you have, whereby having an effect on the final product.

How could it not?

Penny Robartes - Mara 2014

The energy that you feel is communicated through your image. How many times have you looked at your work and those of others and just felt a connection with it? Their feelings are being communicated through their/your images. Some people might not get it, but the point is is that that image evoked something in you and your response to it will be told in your final image.

If you are not feeling inspired or perhaps feeling frustrated with the images you have been taking (we all know the feeling!), this will come through. It could be a technically good image (or not), but it will lack the feeling and passion behind it as there was none to communicate through from the start.

There are many scenes that call out to me more than others, and some not at all. Forcing yourself to capture something out of those ‘non-inspiring scenes’ will probably end with you being frustrated in your images and your abilities. Don’t let this happen. There is absolutely no need for it.

Our feelings impact the way we see the scene in front of us and how we capture it. Even if you aren’t aware of it, it is a determining effect.

If you are overcome with the awe and beauty of a moment, you will be more likely to capture it and evoke those emotions in the image (and out of the viewer) than if you felt nothing about it in the first place.

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A positive attitude will always help you climb towards your goals and aspirations. It will encourage you to expand yourself in order to keep on improving.

This will however come in waves as maintaining a positive attitude is tested on various levels. If you are feeling negative and frustrated, put your camera down.


Remember why you are doing what you are doing. Why you initially picked up your camera. Don’t let a negative attitude – from you or others – come through in your images. The reason you are creating images is because of the passion and positivity it evokes in you. So focus on that.

Our minds are incredibly powerful tools. You have control of the outcome.

Positive or negative.

Go towards giving your images life over and above anything else.


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