An Elephant Encounter on the Chobe

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Chobe is renowned for some of the most incredible sightings and photographic opportunities when it comes to elephants.

You’ll see may images which testify to this fact.

What you may not know is how intimate some of these encounters can be…

It was day 3 of our safari and a morning boat cruise heading west from our docking point in serondella Bay took us to a massive floodplain which was quite literally dominated by white-faced whistling ducks and elephants.

Looking at the map above we were even further left (west) from the furthest marker.

As we drifted silently through the shallow waters we literally had herds of elephants feeding all around us.

Andrew Beck Wild Eye Chobe Photo Safari

Apart from the odd lifting of the head from an anxious cow, the herds were incredibly relaxed and gave us some great photographic opportunities.

Andrew Beck  Wild Eye Chobe Photogrpahy Safari July 2014 Trip Report_-12

Andrew Beck Wild Eye Chobe Photo Safari-2

Andrew Beck Wild Eye Chobe Photo Safari-3

We must have spent a good hour to an hour and a half with more than 300 elephants that seemed to ooze out from the woodlands further inland. The experience was quite literally an assault on the senses and I took great joy in watching my guests drop their cameras, sit back and soak it all up.

Andrew Beck Wild Eye Chobe Photo Safari-4

An image is worth a thousand words but sometimes those words don’t do the experience justice.

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