Elephant and His Itchy Head

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Don’t you just love how animals always seem to be one step ahead of us?

Just as we think we know and have seen it all they go and amaze us all over again!

Imagine my surprise as I saw this scene play out in front of me! I could see this elephant bull was vigorously scratching his head. It was clear that he was rather uncomfortable and that the itch had no intentions of going away. Then I saw him relax his trunk, seemingly done rubbing his forehead. His movements caught my eye again after a few seconds and this time I could see an object firmly grasped in the fold of his trunk. He was using that to scratch his itching head. I could not believe it. His rough and tough skin needed the hard surface of a rock to do the trick!

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Always be ready and alert when photographing wildlife. You just never know when they will do something out of the ordinary and simply leave you amazed.

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