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Most wildlife photographers with a preference for Africa will tell you that they love photographing elephants. These gentle giants have such presence and character, and dare I say it, personality! Over the years, I’ve found that as I’ve developed my photographic “relationship” with the iconic African pachyderm, that elephants love them some monochrome. Weird statement, as I’m sure they have no clue what that means. What I mean, though, is that elephants lend themselves very nicely to the creative use of the black-and-white medium. Maybe it’s their skin textures and wrinkles, maybe it’s the fact that monochrome images of elephants have a timeless feeling to them and evoke a yearning to the Africa of old…I think it’s both.

Here are just some images that I’ve taken where the conversion to black-and-white was obvious from the moment I tripped the shutter. You’ll see that in some cases I went for high contrast, in others for a softer feel/mood…and at times I went way wide and others I focused in on the finest close-up detail. I hope you enjoy these images and that they inspire you to be more creative in your interpretation of your elephant photos.

Elephant - Wild Eye Photography

Elephant - Wild Eye Photography

Elephant - Wild Eye Photography

Elephant - Wild Eye Photography

Elephant - Wild Eye Photography

Elephant - Wild Eye Photography

 Thanks for taking the time to look at these photos. Now, get out there and take some of your own!

Or, you can always come along on one of our photographic safaris to iconic locations teeming with elephants (like Mana Pools or Amboseli)…

Until we meet again online or in the real world!

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  1. Carol Bell

    Hi Morkel. I love your photos and thankyou for the insipation. I have always been very disapointed with my ellie photos and dont know what is wrong with them. Looking at yours makes me “want to try again”

  2. Morkel Erasmus

    Hi Carol. Thanks a lot for your kind comment. I am glad I could inspire you to try again. Elephant photos can be tricky to compose if the scenery isn’t complementary and if you are perhaps too close or far for the lens at your disposal, I agree…

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