Elephants, The True Kings Of The Jungle

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It was July, in the South Luangwa. A time where the temperatures are still relatively cool and the inland water holes are still full. Making the less explored inland areas of the park well worth a visit.

I was approaching Numbu Lagoon roughly 10km in land from the Luangwa River. An area known to be popular to the Mwamba Kaingo Lion pride at this particular time of the year. As I had hoped, I found the pride basking in the last rays of the setting sun besides the remaining water.

Their peace was short lived as a herd of elephant began to emerge from the surrounding Mopane woodland. It was clear they intended on having a drink and having a number of youngsters with them, did not take kindly to the lions’ presence. The older members of the herd wasted no time in dispersing the cats, who cantered off into the surrounding woodland. Once the elephants were certain they were gone, began to enjoy the cooling waters of the lagoon.

After suitably quenching their thirst, the matriarch decided it was time to go, and together they headed off and disappeared into the surrounding tree line. However, it did take one member of the family a little longer than the rest to escape the sticky mud of the lagoon, which made for quite comical viewing.

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