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If you have been following along on the blog or Photo Chat videos that Andrew and I recently did a scouting trip to the Northern Tuli Game Reserve.



To say we were blown away by the private concession and possibilities of what we found is an understatement.  From both a nature photography and true African wilderness experience point of view the possibilities we saw was amazing and  in this trip report I shared some of my thoughts and images from the two day trip.


Now, the reason for our scouting trip was this – we were looking at the camp, and private concession, as a possible venue for our brand new Nature Photography Workshop and I am very pleased to let you know that we have been able to pull all the pieces together and the details for this exciting four day workshop is now online.



This new workshop has been designed to fill the gap between our recently updated  Wildlife Photography 101 course and a full on photographic expedition.


This workshop will be practical.  Very practical.


During the four days Andrew and I will guide you through various photographic challenges and activities in order to help you compile a mini nature photography portfolio which you will then present on the last morning.  Through various practical exercises, lots of shooting and dedicated times to sit and work through and process your images, you will be able to focus completely on your own photography.  So after having had four days of amazing photographic opportunities, guidance from the workshop facilitators, and sharing time with like minded people you will have had the perfect platform from which to grow as a photographer.


Working towards the goal of putting together, and presenting, your own portfolio of images is one of the very best ways in which you will learn and grow as a photographer and more than that you will walk away from this workshop with not only new techniques, inspiration and an amazing wilderness experience but a mini portfolio of your best images.


That being said.  If you are a more experienced wildlife photographer looking for a different experience this workshop will be great for you to get some different images, grow your own portfolio and share some of your experience and knowledge with the group.


All of this will happen on a private concession which means we have complete exclusivity and photographic freedom.  No other vehicles.  No radio banter.  No lodge times.  No leaving sightings due to standbys.   It’s awesome!


Now because of this freedom this workshop you will not only be able to focus completely on your own nature and wildlife photography but you will also get to experience a true African wilderness experience.



During our four nights in Tuli we will not only be doing a lot of photography on foot on the banks of the Limpopo River but we will also be hiking through a true wilderness area up to one of the highest points in the area – a spectacular vantage point from which to photograph the surrounding plains – and then spend the night under African skies.  Yes, a sleep out!   This particular evening promises to be truly magical.  Campfire.  Bush dinner.  Star trails.  Night sounds.  Awesome experience.


In putting this workshop together we kept on saying that there is more, much more, to wildlife photography than just flying in to a reserve, staying at a fancy lodge, getting your images on game drive, sitting in the day to process your image and then go home again.


One thing you can be guaranteed of is that during this workshop the only thing that will match the amount and quality of photography you will be doing is the truly authentic, African experience you will share with 5 other photographers.  We felt it is important to keep the group size nice and small for these workshops so each workshop will only have 6 photographers and 2 facilitators.  That means 3 photographers and 1 facilitator per game drive vehicle.  Nice!


So, with that all said head on over to this page for all the information, dates and costs for this exciting Nature Photography Workshop.


Before you go here is a quick video preview from our previous visit.



We are all seriously excited about this workshop and look forward to sharing the experience with you!  We are confident that from a price, value for money, sharing, learning and experience point of view this workshop is right up there!


One more time, you can find all the info on this exciting workshop here!


Until next time.


Gerry van der Walt


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