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This last weekend was a long weekend here in South Africa and, seeing that Friday was Women’s Day, my wife got the choice of where we would go for a couple of days break before the chaos of the upcoming migration season. Now anyone that knows me knows how much I love the bush. I would literally be quite happy if I could enjoy each and every holiday or trip away in the bush. This is not the bush…

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Now I have nothing against the ocean but I am not one of those guys that can sit around on a beach doing nothing all day. I must admit that I had my reservations about a weekend at the coast but boy was I wrong. It turned out to be the ideal break away for me both from a personal and creative point of view. Our goal for the weekend was to chill and do some whale watching and our accommodation at De Kelders allowed us to do just that from the comfort of our balcony – if you’re planning on heading down that way let me know!

This was my first personal holiday which incorporated some form of photography since October 2011. Now some may argue that we are always on holiday in the bush…

The common perception is that we lead glamorous lives and are constantly out in the field but that is not always the case. A lot of my time is spent behind a computer screen working on admin, planning, content, marketing, budgets, forecasts… Bored yet? Yes we do get out into the field regularly but even there we are in a different kind of office, one where we are focussing on our guests needs and making sure that each and every aspect of the trip at hand runs according to plan.

This trip allowed me to slip back into a world where the everyday tasks and stresses were left behind and I was able to get into a far more creative space. This is an important part of the photographic process and one which is very different to the technical aspects of photography that we often find ourselves getting caught up in. Yes reading up online, finding inspirational images and reading tips from the pro’s can help you from a creative perspective but the most powerful and creative space comes from within…

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I was not focussed on getting or worried about  missing a shot on this trip. I simply photographed the scenes and subjects that presented themselves and, with a renewed sense of creativity, was able to make the most of it all.

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In a world where we are always striving to improve, become better, become more, see more, do more… Sometimes we just need to slow things down. Sit back and enter that creative space before taking another step forward.

Andrew Beck De Kelders

How do you get into your creative space?

Andrew Beck

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