My Very First Image Of 2017

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Out of the thousands of images I took this year I decided to share my very first image I too on safari this year.

I was sitting in the office clearing and sorting out my Lightroom catalog and was in all honesty quiet surprised when I saw the first image I photographed on my very first Wild Eye safari.

A beautiful female Mara cheetah.

One of the rarer big cats in Africa and this was the first animal I photographed this year. Pretty special I’d say.

We sat with & followed this girl along with her two for quiet some time which paid off even more in the end because this sighting because it lead to this;

We were blessed with a seriously special sighting of her two young cheetah cubs chase down this Thompson’s gazelle and made what was probably their first solo kill.

This day was not only special due to the fact that on my very first Wild Eye safari we saw such a rare cat along with such an incredible, and for these cubs, a life changing event.

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